League Of Legends For Android

League of Legends Download

League of Legends is developed and published by Riot Games for Window as well as macOS. This game is a free online multiplayer battle video game which is based on the Warcraft 3 and it is also available for Android. There are few steps which you have to follow for download the league of legends on your mobile android app.

Age Limit For League Of Legends.

According to Riot services below 13-year-old person can’t play this game. Your age must be more than 13 years old and you have to accept the terms and condition before log in to this game.

How Many Active Users On League Of Legends

Riot Games have recently released a piece of information about how many active users are currently active on their platform. You will get shocked after a great journey of 10 years now League Of Legends has acquired 103 million monthly active users.

League Of Legends For Android

In 2006 Riot games have launched the mobile version for Android and iOSNow you can easily download the league of legends for android and you can play with the help of Remote.

Before downloading the game I want to give you the configuration of this game
*Minimum RAM  required for android is 1 GB
*recommended RAM 4 GB

How to download league of legends in Android 

1. Now follow these simple steps to download LOL in your android phone go to the website www.mrandroid.com there you will see lots of games now scroll down and tap the LOL game.

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2. After clicking the LOL you will get LOL apk file and you have to open that
3. You will see this type of interface now you have to click on the install button
4. After installing the app file Now checkout in your apps you will see the LOL in your android mobile phone.
5. Now open the game so we can play and now you can see there is a League Of Legends has started working in your android phone.
6. Now you will get a popup that mobile verification is required to play LOL on your mobile phone so, press ok to complete the verification.
7. Now it will redirect you to the www.fileoasis.net.there you will get two apps
a). Battery VPN Proxy
b). Hotspot Shield Free VPN  Proxy
 These both apps are safe and free to download and it will take 60 seconds each to get downloaded that you have to download to run league of legends in your android phone.

Tips and Trick before you start the Game
  • Make sure you have the proper high-speed internet or wifi connection
  • Do check your ping if your ping is too high do not play the game  you can restart the game again
  • Do not play on slow processor phone it will slow down the speed of your game
  • Make sure your proper control setting which suits your figure  by this you can give the best move and instant revert to your enemies
  • For best performance do use the headphone while playing the game