league of legends champions | List | and their description

List of  League of Legends (Champions).

League of legends champions list

image source: Paste Magazine

  • AAtrox

He’s a darken champion, In my opinion, aatrox is all about his weapon.

  • Camille

Camille always got a tool to response back to whatever the enemy’s doing. that’s why most people hate Camille so much. she’s on of the top popular champions in LOL.

  • Darius

If Darius is in front of you then you might need to be aware of that.

  • Flora

she’s pretty good at stabbing players. very arrogant but one of the lovely champion.

  •  Garen

The great general devasya that can hide in the bush and can jumps and spin.

  • Gangplank

He’s a pirate who died and came back.

  • Gnar

He eats the fruit he’s a cute little yordle which can turn into big.

  • Illaoi

Not played by many champions but loved by those who played with him.

  • Irelia

A Blade lady who can move throughout the fight, that’s one of the advantages of her.

  • Jax

He needs only his lantern rod.

  • Kennen

Kennan a hyperactive ninja

  • Kled

Kled rides a lizard he’s not that adorable looks like a little old man.

  • Malphite

Malphite is quite bigger then he appears. and quite a strong player.

  • Maokai

Maokai is an angry tree you can say.

  • Mordekaiser

Lord of death.

  • Nasus

An Anubis type of player that cure ridiculously satisfying.

  • Pantheon

Pantheon Looks like a Spartan from 300 movie.

  •  Renekton

A Giant crocodile who has big blades which can cut you easily.

  •  Poppy

She’s is a little yordle with a big hammer.

  • Quinn

Quinn has a big bird, which I don’t know why.

  • Riven

Riven is a champion who really really loved by players.

  • Rumble

He’s got one of the most talkative skins in the game.

  • Shen

He runs around yelling, really tanky teleports across the map and protect you.

  • Singed

He has a really different playstyle.

  • Tryndamere

This Player got a lot of potentials and got one big arm.

  • Udyr

This player can turn in to a lot of different animals.

  • Urgot

This player got a shotgun knee and meat grinder belly which pull players into.

  • Wukong

Wukong is looking like a monkey king to me.

  • Xin Zhao

A man you can say.

  • Yasuo

There is a mixed feeling for this player in North America people fear to play against this player.

  • Yorick

A gravedigger.

  • Akali

It gets some real trickery range of tools.

  • Ahri

A Champion with nine tail.

  • Aurelion Sol

He’s like David bowie space dragon.

  • Anivia

She’s is phoenix but in a twist, she’s an ice Phoenix.

  • Azir

A player who can summon an entire army to fight you.

  • Cassiopeia

A snake lady.

  • Corki

He has a bomb which he can drop on a battlefield.

  • Ekko

Young, Arrogant, Cocky and brilliant. He has a device which allows him to cheat times.

  • Fizz

Fizz can through sharks at you.

  • Heimerdinger

He throws bombs and makes science jokes.

  • Jayce

He has a hammer. and a really Arrogant player.

  • Kassadin

Has a cool sword.

  • Karthus

He is immune from sleep.

  • Katarina

she is very good at two things jumping and throwing knives.

  • LeBlanc

A less tricky deception character.

  • Malzahar

He’s got that deca he never uses for anything.

  • Orianna

A lady of clockwork and a champion everybody loves to talk about.

  • Ryze

I think he’s ability is what he says in the game  “only power I truly have is the strength to let it go”.

  • Swain

He’s got a demon hand.

  • Syndra

She also has balls.

  • Taliyah

She can make walls down in the middle of the map.

  • Talon

Another ninja.

  • Twisted Fate

A charming personality player who can kill you with his cards.

  • Viktor

oh, this player can replace his body parts very easily, you can say that he’s a mad scientist.

  •  Vladimir

He looks like a fancy vampire to me but he’s not.

  • Xerath

Insane floating sarcophagus

  • Zed

Most popular ninja in the game.

  • Ziggs

Small players that throw a bomb.

  • Zoe

she’s one of the cute champions I guess. and she got the four champions ability as well now that’s interesting.

  • Ashe

she’s an archer with a bow made of ice.

  • Caitlyn

she’s a sniper sheriff cheerleader.

  • Draven

Welcome to the league of Draven, what else can I say.

  • Ezreal

One of the most popular ADC’s.

  • Lucian

He is a gunslinger who hunts down the undead to avenge his partner who’s soul was captured by thrush.

  • Jinx

Another really popular ADC’s, she’s got a whole range of different weapons.

  • Jhin

Somewhat unhinged but brilliant artist obsession with a number four.

  • Twitch

He’s a rat with a crossbow and likes poison.

  • Vayne

She put herself to do anything, constantly moving around the edges of a fight.

  • Xayah

The other half of the of his partner.

  • Kai’sa

she fires missiles.

  • Kalista

Daughter of the void.

  • Kog’maw

He runs a lot and eats things.

  • Miss Fortune

A Pirate hunter.

  • Sivir

A mercenary warrior princess.

  • Tristana

Happy and lucky yordle with a rocket launcher.

  • Varus

Another Darken Archer.

  • Alistar

He can knock players with his combo skills.

  • Annie


  • Bard

He has some weird ability.

  • Brand

Champion in Fire.

  • Braum

He’s one and nicest character in the game.

  • Blitzcrank

A giant iron-like character.

  • Fiddlesticks

Murderous kicker.

  • Galio

He’s a 300-foot colossus.

  • Kayle

Effectively a close enough angle.

  • Janna

she’s got that magical support which keeps others away from her.

  • Leona

she’s like a sun warrior with a giant shield to protect her.

  • Lulu

she was trapped in some weird dimensional for hundreds of years.

  • Lux

She’s is a light mage.

  • Morgana

you can say her a fallen angel.

  • Nami

A mermaid-like character who is a jack of trades.

  • Nautilus

A giant drowned titan.

  • Nidalee

Another lady warrior.

  • Ornn

Gruff ancient forge god.

  • Pyke

One of the best support player.

  • Rakan

A champion who fights with his girlfriend.

  • Soraka

she’s is the only healer of the league of legends.

  • Sona

DJ Sona she doesn’t talk.

  • Tahm Kench

A frog-like character champion.

  • Taric

He’s like crystal paladin guy.

  • Teemo

Some players think he’s good some thinks he’s worst.

  • Thresh

One of the most popular support.

  • Trundle

Dangerous Gorilla like character.

  • Veigar

A very evil yordle mage.

  • Vel’koz

Intelligent void monsta.

  • Zilean

An old man who throws clocks.

  • Zyra

A plump mage.

  • Amumu

Amumu is like a sad and lonely little champion, he looks like a little mummy.

  • Evelynn

Sexy at the same time scary.

  • Elise

Spider lady, Nightmare, Terrifying

  • Gragas

I think Gragas is the guy who is looking for the best drink in the world

  •  Graves

He is more of a jungle guy, he has a shotgun, nice mustache, and a cigar

  • Cho’grath

He’s a big monster guy, he gets bigger when he eats something.

  • Diana

A Moon Lady, I like when she says (they called me a heretic now they are dead).

  • Dr. Mundo

Big Purple Monster, who thinks he’s a doctor.

  • Hecarim

He’s a boss

  • Ivern

A plant-like champion who has a pet named Daisy.

  • Jarvan IV

He has a spear he jumps on people

  • Kayn

Dark Demonic and Edgy.

  • Kha’zix

He has blades, wings and he jumps on you.

  • Kindred

A lion and a wolf for personifications of death

  • Lee Sin

A Blind monk with fantastic plays.

  • Master YI

A champion who got a helmet like he has eyes on them. and not to forget he has sword boots as well. Beating this LOL champion is kind of difficult.

  • Nunu & Willump

Two Adorable champions.

  • Nocturne

Evil like, He’s a nightmare that came to life.

  • Olaf

A cool Viking Player.

  • Rammus

Okay Going, Okay Going (I hope you would understand that).

  • Rengar

Cool at the same time a dangerous character who can hide in the grass and can jump.

  • Rek’sai

This champion is one of those champions who doesn’t have an intelligible dialogue.

she is like a monstrous space shark.

  • Sejuani

She’s only got one horn and doesn’t like her sister, and another balance of a nightmare.

  • Shaco

He’s an evil character champion who likes to trick you. Most people don’t like to play against him.

  • Shyvana

The Half-Dragon.

  • VI

She’s a bruiser always ready to fight.

  • Volibear

A White polar bear champion.

  • Sion

He’s one of those tanks who does the best job of being unreliable and therefore gets to be high impacting and pretty skills expressive.

  • Skarner

Crystal scorpion.

  • Zac

Light-hearted with big hands.



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