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Can we use cheat codes to Play league of legends?


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Of course yes, In order to automate actions of LOL there are some scripts you can use, which will boost the player’s powers of hitting. even with some cheat codes, you can change the game UI, or camera and some other features. you can level up your account and farm RP with the help of bots. but unfortunately, they got reported and banned.

So if you’re worried about if you’ll cheat and you’ll get banned or not so you need to take a chill pill.  Cheating in LOL will not harm you since we don’t see any game-breaking codes for LOL, We guess RIOT is cool with some cheaters do cheatings.


LOL Cheats

In the league of legends, game cheating can be done in many ways whether it’s technical or using some software, which will boost your levels and performance in ranked matches, cheats can be done by software or with your own manual ways, but using software for cheats are more famous than the manual way. The most famous hacks in the League of Legends game is the camera view where you can change the players viewing angles and can play the game with more comfort, some of the software which can help you with this is jungle timers, counter tools and many more are there which you can use.

uses of script

If you want to confuse the bots and make them do some certain action, well you can do that with the help of Scripts. With some scripts, they can do some action like getting healed or Ignite, smite, etc, Scripts force players and they can even perform the whole combo.

But the worst part is that any experienced player can assume that you’re using scripts or hacks to perform better in the game and they might report about it and eventually you can get banned if league of legends will get multiple reports about it. So basically there are some tricks to become an expert player of LOL, but you won’t be able to use them, that’s kind of sad thing I guess.




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