How to install league of legends for your computer

Top ways to install league of legends (LOL) on a Personal computer.

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League of legends is very ambitious and paces game out there and there is no doubt in that. two opponent with a unique way of playing gameplay competes with each other and the best one win (Obviously). so in this post, I’ll guide you on how you can install league of legends on your computer.


Following Steps, you need to install the league of legends:-

      1. Go to the LOL website from your PC click on the link,                                                                                    https://play.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US

2. After that, you’ll see a PLAY FOR FREE button click on that.

3. Then provide your Email Address, into the field where you see Enter Email Here, and press Start, Remember this email address will be required to login to league of legends only then you’ll able to access your account, so keep this information with you safely.

  4. After providing your email address next information you need to provide is your date of birth, that you can do with the drop-down box and select your Month, Date and year of birth. And click on Next button you see just below.

5. Now it’s time to create a username, that you want to be your League of Legends Character name. Please note that you need to provide a very unique name that isn’t been taken. if you type a name which is already taken then a pop will come up and will tell you that this name is already taken please choose another username.

6. After providing your username you need to enter your preferred PASSWORD, so type your password in the box and then type the same password again in confirm password box.

  7. And then tick on the I AGREE box, which means you agree with their terms and condition.

and click on the next button below.

  8. After all these steps you’ll see a DOWNLOAD button, which will show you your computer operating system related version (Mac or Window). Click on download button according to your system operating version.

9. Now open the file which you have downloaded from the website.

10. Once the file opened you just need to follow the instructions and click on NEXT button for few times and wait for LOL to install. After installation double tap on the LOL, icon to play the game. But for MacOS you need to drag LOL app in the application folder.


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