League of legends patch 9.14

All you need to know about league of legends champion in patch 9.14.

league of legends patch 9.14

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9.14 patch is the biggest patches you ever have seen before in the history of the league of legends game.



Aatrox has been one of the strongest top laners in the game and receiving a massive nerf this patch his healing combined with his burst cc and mobility make him a highly contested pick in both solo queue and competitive play in patch 9.14 Aatrox is ultimate world ender will have its revive completely removed however this is followed by a few compensations buff to its cooldown healing amp, and Aatrox is base hp regen. Overall this will make Aatrox a bit stronger during the laning phase but significantly weaker during a team fight.



Despite holding 45% of win rate in solo queue jayce still has been very problematic in competitive play and is receiving a few adjustments in his kit in order to balance out his early power spikes and late-game carry potential jayce will have his Q’s ad ratio increased and base damage adjust to being weaker early what’s stronger late on top of that jayce base ad has been lowered by four but is compensated by a small buff to his a deeper level although his late game is much stronger now our analysts are predicting that this is actually an overall nerf the main reason you wanna pick jayce is to abuse his early game spike and bully slash star of the enemy laner.



Kennen win rate has been steadily increasing for the past few patches and is receiving a few adjustments in patch 9.14 his base ad in attack speed per level has been lowered by a small amount followed by a buff a deeper level, in addition, his e lightning rush will have its attack speed increased from 30 to 70 percent to 40 to 70 percent this means that on hit Kennen will be much stronger when his lightning rush is available but is slightly weaker when it’s uncool down.



Kled is receiving a small buff to align with some of the other changes made champions like Kled. His Q bear trap on a rope will now have an added grievous wounds effect reducing all healing to 60 percent for 5 seconds if he yanks his opponent. Although this buff is rather small it will definitely impact some of his matchups and we’ll make Kled a lot stronger.



Malphite is one of the league’s oldest champions and is receiving a rework this patch his Q seismic shard will now have its low and slow duration increased. followed by improved animation for all abilities in his kit, His W thunderclap will be reworked and will now grant him 50 increased range and bonus damage for the next six seconds on top of that rock road cone will cleave enemies in front of him for the next 5 seconds while also having its mana cost increased by small amount.



Lux has been one of the strongest supports in the game and his looking receive a ton of nerfs in this patch firstly her Q light binding will have its cooldown increased 10 to 30 to 9 on top of that the mana cost has been increased to 50 at all ranks her W price will have its double effect on shields removed and the shield duration has been lower by 0.5 seconds on top of that it will also have its ap ratio increased from 20 percent to 30 percent. lastly, her ultimate final sparks will have its reset mechanic removed but will have a compensation buff to its cooldown and ap ratio although these changes are targeted to hardener lux support she’ll still be a great pick.


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