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Neeko the curious chameleon

A shapeshifter from a long-lost vastayan tribe Neeko is a tricky burst mage who slings colorful spells and taps into primordial magic to transform into her allies. she may not seem dangerous at first glance, but keep a close on her, with Neeko things are never quite as they appear.

Neeko the curious chamelion



Neeko Champion Spotlight.

1. Q, Blooming burst:

Neeko main source of damage comes from her Q, Blooming burst, which explodes again if it kills an enemy or damages a champion or monster, blooming up to three times per cast. Neeko’s E, tangle-barbs sends out a spiral of magic that damages and briefly roots enemies it passes through, with an increased root duration for the last champion. Neeko Propels a seed into a target area, which blooms and damages enemies. If the burst kills an enemy or damages a champion or large monster it will bloom again up to two times.

2. Passive: Inherent Glamour:

Neeko can pretense herself to come up as an ally champion. Damaging or taking damage from an enemy champion or casting either blooming burst or tangle-barbs break the illusion and increase the cooldown.

3. W, Shapesplitter

Passive: Every third basic attack resonates with spiritual energy dealing bonus magic damage and briefly increasing Neeko’s movement speed.

Active: Neeko briefly slips out of sight, becoming invisible, gaining movement speed and sending a temporary clone of her current form sprinting in a chosen direction.

4. E, Tangle-barbs

Neeko slings a magical in a direction, damaging and briefly rooting enemies it passes through. the las champion hit is rooted longer. If tangle barbs hit at least two enemies, it grows in size, speed, and root duration.

5. R, Pop Blossom

Neeko begins charging herself with spiritual essence. A moment later, she leaps onto the air, gains a shield, and slow nearby enemies releasing energy upon landing to massively damage and stun enemies in the area when disguised by inherent glamour, enemies won’t see Neeko’s initial charge-up.


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